llustration of Australasian Darter Anhinga novaehollandiae (Gould, 1847) from Companion to Gould’s Handbook; or, Synopsis of the birds of Australia, 1877 via the Biodiversity Heritage Library


Please contact the GBIF Secretariat if you have any questions regarding the following:

  • rules for attending the GB30 events
  • the programme
  • the rules for requesting financial support to attend the meeting, or
  • if you need an invitation letter.

GBIF Secretariat
Email: GB30@gbif.org
Phone: +45 35 32 14 70

Please contact the national host if you have any questions regarding practical information relating to your stay in Canberra:

Dr Andre Zerger, Director, Atlas of Living Australia
Email: andre.zerger@csiro.au
Phone: +61 407 535 115

Professor Andrew Young, National Research Collections Australia
Email: andrew.young@csiro.au
Phone: +61 413 233 952

Heather Walsh, Atlas of Living Australia
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Phone: +61 401 228 620